If Only Every One – Memories of a Brutal Armenian Conflict

If Only Every One pic
If Only Every One
Image: armenianchurchwd.com

Serving patients in Los Angeles, Dr. Aramais Paronyan worked as a family practitioner and focused on the needs of Armenian immigrant community. Active in his local community, Aramais Paronyan, MD, sponsored a Los Angeles Russian Language Film Festival. He also coproduced the critically acclaimed 2012 film If Only Every One, which was selected as the Armenian Best Foreign Language Film Academy Awards candidate for 2013.

Directed by Natalia Belyauskene, the film is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Armenia becoming independent and the creation of the country’s armed forces. With an overarching theme that no one wins in war, the film tells the story of a part-Armenian, part-Russian woman whose father was killed during the Artsakh War. This protracted battle over the Nagorno-Karabakh region’s succession pitted Armenia against Azerbaijan.

The protagonist travels to Armenia decades after the war to plant a birch on her father’s gravesite. In the process, she learns more deeply about the grim conflict, as recounted by her father’s old military comrades. The deeply thought-provoking film was shown as part of the ARPA International Film Festival in Hollywood in 2013.


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