What Galleries Look for in Potential Exhibitors

Aramais Paronyan, MD, formerly treated patients at Good Health Medical Center
in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Aramais Paronyan also has a love for the arts and sponsored an art exhibit at the Arshag and Eleanor Dickranian Diocesan Complex in Burbank, California, in 2009, providing an opportunity for talented local artists to showcase their works to the public.

Artists who want their works to be exhibited usually have to transact with gallery owners for exhibit space. However, looking for exhibit opportunities is not as easy as finding gallery owners who like the art presented to them. Some gallery owners might be looking for more than just art that interests them. They may be looking for artist personalities that are just as valuable as the art.

The main thing that gallery owners look for in artists is commitment to their art. This might be manifested by a personal philosophy or a declaration of purpose. Because an exhibit is a form of investment, gallery owners want to know what direction the artist is headed in the long run. They may also be interested in artists’ back story to determine their motivation in pursuing their art.

Gallery owners may also expect artists to have background knowledge on the gallery in general, including some history and the art it has represented in the past. Some traits, such as willingness to learn, flexibility, and genuineness may enhance an artist’s chances in getting an exhibit deal.


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