AAMS Rural Clinics in Armenia Serve Refugee Population

Armenian American Medical Society pic
Armenian American Medical Society
Image: aamsc.com

In addition to his commitment to a family-centered medical practice, Aramais Paronyan, MD, is firmly dedicated to communal uplift. Having practiced in California for more than two decades while maintaining a keen interest in Armenia, his country of birth, Dr. Aramais Paronyan is a board member of the Armenian American Medical Society (AAMS).

The AAMS is an organization whose mission is to promote quality health services, education, and professional growth in the United States and Armenia. The organization does this through comprehensive medical programs including the Armenian Rural Clinics. These clinics were established in three Armenian villages: the first bordering Karabagh and Aregouni in 2005, the second in Pokr Marik in 2006, and the third in Tsapatagh in 2007. The clinics have been in operation ever since and have served the large refugee population by providing quality and timely healthcare.

Each clinic has a full-time nurse on duty to provide care to patients. A physician visits the clinics at least once every week and the Aregouni clinic offers dental healthcare. The AAMS has begun construction of a fourth clinic in Voskevan, a remote northeastern village that has been in dire need of a facility for 15 years.


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