Roots of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of America

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Armenian Church of America

Dr. Aramais Paronyan is a respected Los Angeles physician who led the family practice Good Health Medical Center and served the health-care needs of Armenian immigrants. Having grown up in Georgia and Armenia, Aramais Paronyan, MD, is active with organizations such as the World Armenian Congress. He earned Diocesan Grand Benefactor status in contributing to the construction of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of America’s main cathedral.

The diocese has its roots in Fresno, California, where there was a growing Armenian population in the early 20th century. Established in 1900, the first Holy Trinity parish church burned down 13 years later and was subsequently rebuilt. In 1927, the Western Diocese was declared a separate entity from the New York-headquartered American Diocese, and to this day there are Western and Eastern branches of the Armenian Church in the United States.

In the 1930s, the St. Paul Armenian Church of Fresno was established, and this longstanding institution was consecrated in 1979 with its current edifice. The Diocesan Headquarters were ultimately created in Burbank, reflecting a shift in demographics to the Los Angeles area. In the early 2000s, under the leadership of Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, the Western Diocese expanded its efforts to welcome and support immigrants from Armenia, as well as from the former Soviet republics and a number of Middle Eastern countries.


If Only Every One – Memories of a Brutal Armenian Conflict

If Only Every One pic
If Only Every One

Serving patients in Los Angeles, Dr. Aramais Paronyan worked as a family practitioner and focused on the needs of Armenian immigrant community. Active in his local community, Aramais Paronyan, MD, sponsored a Los Angeles Russian Language Film Festival. He also coproduced the critically acclaimed 2012 film If Only Every One, which was selected as the Armenian Best Foreign Language Film Academy Awards candidate for 2013.

Directed by Natalia Belyauskene, the film is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Armenia becoming independent and the creation of the country’s armed forces. With an overarching theme that no one wins in war, the film tells the story of a part-Armenian, part-Russian woman whose father was killed during the Artsakh War. This protracted battle over the Nagorno-Karabakh region’s succession pitted Armenia against Azerbaijan.

The protagonist travels to Armenia decades after the war to plant a birch on her father’s gravesite. In the process, she learns more deeply about the grim conflict, as recounted by her father’s old military comrades. The deeply thought-provoking film was shown as part of the ARPA International Film Festival in Hollywood in 2013.

One of the Finest Seasons in Tennis History

Dr. Aramais Paronyan, a family medicine doctor based in Southern California, has more than 25 years of experience of providing medical services to clients in and around Los Angeles. Beyond his professional and charitable activities, Dr. Aramais Paronyan enjoys playing tennis.

A number of players past and present, as well as tennis pundits and writers, have cited Steffi Graf’s 1988 season as the finest in tennis history. From the perspective of a year-end winning percentage, Graf’s 73-3 record was impressive, though it represented a step back from her 75-2 record in 1987. Both years would go on to be overshadowed by her 86-2 run in 1989. As far as achievements are concerned, however, Graf’s level of play in 1988 has yet to be matched.

In 1988 Graf secured the calendar grand slam, winning the sport’s four major events at the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. Graf set herself apart from the five players who had achieved the calendar slam before her by also taking home a gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Seoul. The accomplishment, known informally as the calendar golden slam, has yet to be repeated. In fact, only Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, and Andre Agassi have managed the feat over an entire career.

Fishing Spots around Los Angeles

A family doctor, Aramais Paronyan, MD serves patients in the Greater Los Angeles area. In his spare time, Dr. Aramais Paronyan pursues outdoor activities, such as fishing.

Los Angeles is in close proximity to numerous fishing sites, including the following.

Manhattan Beach Pier
A state historic landmark in South Bay, the pier spans 928 feet. The location offers year-round fishing for licensed individuals, who can expect to catch sand bass, perch, and Pacific mackerel.

Redondo Beach Sport Fishing
Deep-sea fishers can head to Redondo Beach to join other boat-based anglers aboard the Redondo Special or The New Hustler. Both vessels provide afford passengers the opportunity to net ocean white fish and red snapper.

Dockweiler State Beach
A good place for saltwater fly fishing, the beach has hosted multiple One Surf Fly Classic events, a tournament for anglers. Depending on the bug variety used, fishers can catch croaker and halibut, among other species.

Irvine Lake
Situated in Silverado’s Cleveland National Forest, the lake provides 750 acres of water to fish. An admissions fee is required, but anglers do not need a license to reel in catfish and trout at this family-friendly destination.

Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Holding an MD from the Yerevan State Medical Institute, Dr. Aramais Paronyan maintains memberships in the Armenian Medical Society and the World Armenian Congress. Dr. Aramais Paronyan supports the construction of churches in Armenia, his home country, and also enjoys other interests, including fishing and playing tennis.

Requiring endurance, quick reactions, and tactical thinking, the game of tennis offers numerous health benefits. In terms of brain development, a player must remain alert at all times and understand how physics and geometry figure in setting up shot patterns. This stimulates the brain, creating new connections, which, according to a study conducted by the University of Illinois, results in a lifetime of continuing development.

Physical benefits also come from playing tennis, such as improved cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, which is derived from constant movement of the arms, legs, and upper body in a variety of directions at different speeds. Swinging through shots exercises the core, the back, and the forearms, while sprinting toward a ball from one side of the court to the other and from the baseline to the net and back encourages muscle development in the legs. In addition, this kind of activity creates enhanced bone density.

Programs at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles

A retired family medicine physician in California, Aramais Paronyan, MD, currently focuses on a variety of philanthropic and community development activities. Dr. Aramais Paronyan also enjoys and supports fine art, including exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles.

Among its many programs and services, MOCA offers Art Talks and Lectures, and the Sunday Studio for Los Angeles residents. On Sunday afternoons and Thursday nights, MOCA usually hosts engaging presentations and informal art talks that allow audiences to join the dialogue and gain exposure to multidisciplinary perspectives on MOCA exhibitions. The lectures feature a wide range of individuals from the art community, such as curators, artists, scholars, and historians.

At MOCA’s Sunday Studio, families and community members of all ages can enjoy a participatory art experience where they use provided materials to craft a variety of art pieces. The quarterly event, supported by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, is free to the public.